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Geist Talents

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Hikarin is a rising cosplayer who hails from Canada, dazzling people with her smiles.

Known for her specialization in portraying male characters in their youth, she accurately captures the portrayal and charm of the characters with her unique makeup style yet seeks to portray characters not only through their looks but through the heart and personality.


Yosuke is a Singaporean Cosplayer known for her portrayals of male anime characters and a devotion for a particular character.

She is passionate about capturing each and every character’s essence through her works, and treats cosplay very much like an art form.

Cheerful and whimsical, she continues to share the love of cosplay everywhere she goes!


Neo is a graphic designer that enjoys cosplaying and making dance covers on her free time. Since 2016, she has guest performed for various pop-culture conventions and idol events in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Neo has emceed for various events over the years. 

Since the pandemic, Neo has increased her social media presence and as an online content creator. As a fan of classic anime titles and Japanese culture, she frequently incorporates magazine-style edits into to her photoshoot graphics, content creation, and various merchandise. 

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