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Hikarin is a rising cosplayer who hails from Canada, dazzling people with her smiles.

Known for her specialization in portraying male characters in their youth, she accurately captures the portrayal and charm of the characters with her unique makeup style yet seeks to portray characters not only through their looks but through the heart and personality.


沐子 Munoko

Munoko is a cosplayer from China, currently residing in Singapore. She started out assisting with editing photos before deciding to move into cosplay.

Munoko also has an interest in dancing, having joined multiple dance cover groups. Besides dancing, she also dabbles with game designing and is currently working on a game of her own.


Yosuke sora

Yosuke is a Singaporean Cosplayer known for her portrayals of male anime characters and a devotion for a particular character.

She is passionate about capturing each and every character’s essence through her works, and treats cosplay very much like an art form.

Cheerful and whimsical, she continues to share the love of cosplay everywhere she goes!



An avid mobile gamer, Kiera loves nothing better than to portray her favourite game characters as well as illustrate them during her free time. 

Though with a diverse variety of cosplay genres, Kiera focuses mainly on mobile game cosplays. She aims to connect with more people with not just cosplay, but also a mutual common interest in correlation to the characters she portrays.

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Coming from the sunny island of Singapore, Maoru views cosplaying as showing her love for a character and bringing it to life.

Maoru's has an affinity for stylish male characters though recently, she has also discovered a love for female characters, being able to perfectly capture the characters in both genders.

Geist Affiliates

Geist Affiliates


明桃 MingTao

MingTao is a cosplayer from Vietnam. To her, photoshoots are always special and she puts great effort into preparing before each shoot to come up with specific concepts for each character. 

With a friendly and cheerful personality she is always looking forward to connecting with people with cosplay!